Cooking Class at your place

Learn the authenticity of Venice !

Venice is an incredibly wonderful and unique city to explore and to live, especially if you have never been to Europe. But, besides the beautiful buildings, the historic churches on the water, the breathtaking backgrounds and the fascinating narrow alleys... there’s a whole lot more to it. It is also tradition and authenticity, and food is a big part of that: that’s why you should take a private Cooking Class in Venice!

This experience is perfect if you’re spending your holiday in Venice and you want to make sure you don’t miss any side of it. You surely know how important food is, for Italians! So if you love our cuisine and you want to discover the secrets of the most authentic and traditional dishes from Venice, our cooking class is exactly what you’re looking for.

The class will take place at your accommodation, so make sure you have an available kitchen! One of our local tour guides, who is particularly passionate about cooking, will reach you at your place and will teach you how to make home-made pasta, gnocchi, tiramisu and many other delicious dishes.

Cooking Class at your place
Cooking Class at your place
Cooking Class at your place

But first of all: shopping! You will live the day like a typical Venetian – strolling around the Venice market and grocery stores, exploring unique food-related places and understanding how the locals live their everyday life in Venice. During this part of the experience you’ll choose and buy all the ingredients you need for the cooking class, while enjoying a walking tour of Venice market and streets. You’ll also explore the famous Venice fish market, with its typical smells, beautiful colors and surreal atmosphere. You’ll see fishermen and vendors screaming and laughing with their everyday local clients, speaking dialect while they try to sell the fish at the best price. Don’t be surprised if they make jokes with you too: they like to be kind and funny with their odd English and strange accent. Visiting the Venice fish market is something you will remember for a long time, for sure!

After the shopping for ingredients, you’ll go back to your apartment where the real fun will start. You will cook typical Venetian and Italian dishes together with our expert local guide, in a nice and friendly atmosphere – with the support of a glass of good wine, of course!

If you’re looking for a memorable way to get in touch with the real heart of the city, then you found it: it’s our private Cooking Class in Venice!

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Highlights of the Cooking Class in Venice

  • Led by an authentic Italian tour guide and food expert
  • A customized private cooking class in Venice
  • Grocery shopping at the famous Venice market
  • You’ll learn how to cook home-made traditional Italian food
  • You’ll cook but also eat – and drink delicious wine!

What you get the Cooking Class in Venice

  • A customizable private cooking class in Venice, held at your place
  • The chance to learn secret recipes of many traditional Italian dishes
  • A walking tour around Venice market and fish market, where you’ll enjoy the food shopping
  • A delicious lunch or dinner cooked by yourself with the help of our expert
  • The opportunity to discover an unusual side of Venice, through the eyes of a local
  • A fun and relaxing day that will make your holiday unforgettable!

Scheduled Time

Duration: About 5 hours.

Terms of sales

You can pay all in advance or choose to pay just a deposit and balance the final payment either with different methods:

- Bank Transfer
- Cash
- Credit Card
- PayPal (5% more)

⇒ If you need to cancel, please advise us at least 24hr earlier and you will be completely refund. If you book and you cancel the same day you will lose the deposit.
If we are forced to cancel we will advise you immediately and you will be completely refunded, check the phone and the email!!
If you don’t show up you’ll lose your deposit; you have to to show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time otherwise the tour will be considered cancelled and you won’t be refunded


From 109€
40€ deposit


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