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I am a licensed Italian freelance tour guide with a background of art history and photogrphy. I am not originally from here but I came to study in Venice and we all fell in love with this incredible city, so I decided to settle in here.
I have different interests and I love traveling and I love to share my greatest passion which is Venice itself and I would love to share this with you on my tours.

Riccardo Tosetto

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Hi! I am Riccardo, photographer, art historian, surfer, traveler and of course, tour guide!
Venice is my home, it has been for a long time. I love it and our relationship is pretty intense — sometimes too much. Being a tour guide helps me share these emotions with my guests. Venice has many beautiful things: art, history and beauty everywhere, but also lesser known, underground curiosities. I want you to discover them through my food, photo and walking tours to help you to get the best from your experience in this magical place..


I provide travellers with a unique approach to the city based on different topics.
As a result you can get the most out of your time in Venice, broadening your interests and passions through four different tours.

I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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