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We are licensed Italian freelance tour guides with a background of art history and tourism studies. We’re not originally from here but we came to study in Venice and we all fell in love with this incredible city, so we decided to settle in here.
We have different interests and hobbies like photography, theatre, cooking and traveling but we all share our greatest passion of all which is Venice itself and we would love to share this with you on our tours.

Riccardo Tosetto

/ Riccardo

Hi! I am Riccardo, photographer, art historian, surfer, traveler and of course, tour guide!
Venice is my home, it has been for a long time. I love it and our relationship is pretty intense — sometimes too much. Being a tour guide helps me share these emotions with my guests. Venice has many beautiful things: art, history and beauty everywhere, but also lesser known, underground curiosities. I want you to discover them through my food, photo and walking tours to help you to get the best from your experience in this magical place..

Federico dal Lago

/ Federico

Ciao! I’m Federico, life enthusiastic, curious world traveler and local Venetian tour guide!
  I’m really friendly and I love to share my knowledge of the city with people from all over the world. I deeply love Venice, which has been my home, my base, for long time now. I will provide you interesting tours full of particular stories and together we will discover some of the many hidden gems of the city. Venice can be quite confusing and labyrinthine without someone escorting you around and telling you about its history, architecture and everyday-life, so come with me and I will be your “cicerone”.

Alice dalla Palma

/ Alice

Ciao! I'm Alice: a book lover, globe trotter, foodie and tour guide in Venice.
I moved here from a small town close to the Dolomites in order to study foreign languages at Cà Foscari University. Once I graduated, I decided to stay in this gorgeous city and do something to help other people discover the stunning historical, cultural and social heritage that Venice offers. That's why I became a tour guide, my goal is to transmit my enthusiasm to all my guests and make them live an authentic Venetian experience!

/ Marialaura

Marialaura Sorreca

Hi! I'm Marialaura and I’m an official licensed tour guide in Venice. I was born and raised in Tuscany, but when I was eighteen I moved to Venice to study and to achieve my dream: to live in this amazing city. I strongly believe in the concept of sustainable tourism, which is in my opinion the most respectful way to visit Venice. For this reason my tours are usually focused on areas that are off the usual tourist tracks, since my aim is to make people experience the city as though they were locals!

/ Elena

Elena Stoppa

Ciao! I'M Elena, wine and food lover, creative and passionate cook, musicaholic and of course tour guide in Venice.
I moved here from a small town near Milano to study foreign languages and I felt in love with this unique city, which is now my home. I chose Venice because i love the way, here, past and present, ancient and new, east and west live together to create a charming reality. My tours are an adventurous and joyful journey to discover the many shades of this beautiful city, its art, architecture, every-day life and food.

/ Annachiara

Annachiara Ferretti

Ciao my name is Annachiara, 31 years old and I am an art historian. I fell in love with Venice during my studies at Ca' Foscari University and so my aim now is to help visitors to understand the glory of this unique city during the past centuries and how to enjoy it nowadays. I love travelling around Italy visiting small villages, I like good music and performing arts, but above all...meeting people from all over the world!


We provide travellers with a unique approach to the city based on different topics.
As a result you can get the most out of your time in Venice, broadening your interests and passions through four different tours.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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